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Listado de fabricantes de la E a la I


AKM Semiconductor

Analog Devices

Astec Semiconductor

Austin Semiconductor

Catalyst Semiconductor

Chartered Semiconductor

Cherry Semiconductor

Crimson Semiconductors

Crystal Semiconductor

Dallas Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor

Digital Semiconductor

Discovery Semiconductor

Edge Semiconductor

Elantec Semiconductor

Enable Semiconductor

EPIC Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor

Fuji Semiconductor

General Semiconductor

Harris Semiconductor

Hitachi Semiconductor

Hyundai Semiconductors

Power Semiconductor C.

Knox Semiconductor

Lambda Semiconductors

Lansdale Semiconductor

Lattice Semiconductor

LG Semiconductor

LightSpeed Semicond

Lite-On Power Semic

MagePower Semic

Micron Semiconductor

Mitel Semiconductor

Mitsubishi Semiconduc

Motorola Semiconductor

Music Semiconductors

National Semiconductor

NEC Semiconductor

NOVALOG Semiconduct

Oasis Semiconductors

Oki Semiconductor

OKI Semiconductor
Web Site in Europe

Orbit Semiconductor

Oxford Semiconductor

Panasonic semicond

Performance Semico

Pericom Semiconductor

Philips Semiconductor


QSound Labs

QT Optoelectronics

Quality Semiconductor



Rockwell Semiconductor

Rodar Semiconductores


Samsung Semiconductor


Seiko Epson




Silicon Laboratories





Sony Semiconductor




Taiwan Semiconductor

TDK Semiconductor


TelCom Semiconductors

Telefunken (Vishay)

Temic Semiconductors

Texas Instruments Gen

Texas Instruments

Thomson-CSF TCS

Toko Semiconductor

Toshiba Semiconductor

TriQuint Semiconductor

TSC America

Tundra Semiconductor


Unitrode Corporation

Usar Systems

Vanguard International

 Semiconductor (VIS)


Vectron Laboratories

Zetex Semiconductor

Libro Técnico

E F G H I 

EAC Electronics
EAO Switch Corp.
Eastern Rochester Manufacturing Corp. (ERM) Apenas lista de produtos.
Eaton Não tem catalogo.
EBY Company Não tem catalogo
EBV ELEKTRONIK GmbHdistribuidor de semiconductores para toda Europa. Disponemos de un único almacen en Munich con entregas de 24 horas a cualquier parte de Europa. Nuestro departamento técnico está formado por más de 80 ingenieros de  aplicaciones (FAEs).
EG&G Não tem catalogo.
Eichhoff Electronics, Inc.
E-lab Digital Engineering
Elantec Semiconductor, Inc.  
Amplifier, Buffer, H_sync Genlock, Half bridge driver, IGBT Driver, Instrumentation, Mosfet driver, Multiplier, Power Control, Video,
Elco  AVX.
Elcon Products
Electro Assemblies Corp.
Electro-Films Apenas lista de produtos.
Electro-Mech Apenas lista de produtos.
ELECTROCONTROL electronica industrial Buenos Aires Argentina. Instrumentos digitales para tablero. Contadores, timers, termorreguladores, indicadores de RPM, PLC, convertidores de frecuencia, sensores de proximidad, encoders
Electronic Concepts
Electronic Designs, Inc. (EDI)
Electronic Enclosures
Electronic Hardware Corp.
Electronic Measurements, Inc. (EMI)
Electronic Technology Corp.
Electroswitch :Fabricante de interruptores rotatorios y de interruptores miniatura (Manufacturer of rotary switches and miniature switches) 
Elekon Industries
Elma Electronic,Inc. Apenas lista de produtos.
Elmwood Sensors
Elna America
Emerging Display Technologies
Enable Semiconductor
Enhanced Memory Systems, Inc.
Eos Corp.
Equipto Electronics Corp. Apenas lista de produtos.
Ericsson Components AB   microcircuits and optoelectronics for the telecommunications industry on a world wide basis.
ERNI Apenas lista de produtos.
ESS Technology, Inc.
E-TEK Dynamics, Inc.
EUROPRACTICE is an initiative of DGIII of the European Commission which aims to stimulate wider exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies by European Industry.
Evox Rifa
Evox Rifa (Rifa Electrolytics AB)
EXAR Corporation   Mixed Signal IC supplier specializing in Telecom, Datacom, ICs for Document imaging and Digital imaging and Silicon IC pressure sensors
Exponential Technology

E F G H I    Top

Fairchild Fast, FACT and LCX in logic, EPROMs and EEPROMs such as HiSeC and Plug & Play memory and SMT Power DMOS such as SuperSOT -3/-6/-8, PowerSOT and SO-8 in discrete
Falco USA, Inc.
Farran Technology Ltd
Fast Analog Solutions Ltd®  is a Zetex Group company,  designing and manufacturing the TRAC family of Field  Programmable Analog Devices.
FCT Electronic Apenas lista de produtos.
Flip Chip Technologies Não tem catalogo.
Focus Semiconductor Ver American Microsystems, Inc. (AMI)
Fordahl Frequency Control Apenas lista de produtos.
Fox Crystals
Framatome Connectors International (FCI) Apenas lista de produtos.
FRB Connectron Apenas lista de produtos.
Frequency Devices
Frequency Management
FTDI Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.
Fuji Semiconductor General
Fuji Semiconductor Datasheets
Fuji Electric, general
Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc Europe

E F G H I    Top

Gaïa Converter Apenas lista de produtos.
Galileo Technology
Gatefield Não tem catalogo.
GEC Plessey Semiconductors Inc.   Linear, mixed signal and digital, CMOS, bipolar, standard and semi-custom integrated circuits
General Cable
General Electric Company
General Instrument Corporation is the world leader in analog and digital systems that provide video, audio and high-speed Internet/data services over cable and satellite TV networks.
General Microwave Corp.
General Semiconductor   Design, manufacture and sale of low-to-medium power rectifiers and transient voltage suppressors in axial, bridge, surface mount and array packages. These products are used throughout the electrical and electronics industries to condition current and voltage and to protect electrical circuits from power surges.
Genesis Microchip Inc.
Gennum Corporation    Excellence through People and Technology
GHz Technology wants to become the premier worldwide supplier of Silicon RF and Microwave Power Transistors for use in Applications Specific Products.
Global Components & Controls Não tem catalogo.
Globe Electronic Hardware Apenas lista de produtos.
Gould Shawmut
Gowanda We are a manufacturer of inductors and related magnetics. Graychip
Great American Electronics    RF Transistors

E F G H I     Top

Hammond Manufacturing
Hangzhou Sail Electronics Co., Ltd.
Hantronix, Inc.
Harris Semiconductor Corporation
Harris Semiconductor
Harwin Apenas lista de produtos.
HCD Research
Hennessy Products Apenas lista de produtos.
Herga Electric Limited Não tem catalogo.
Hertz Technology
Hewlett-Packard Co Inquiries General
Hewlett-Packard Co Inquiries Data sheets
Heyco Products, Inc. Não tem catalogo.
H.H. Smith
High Frequency Crystals Ltd.
High Tech Chips   Supervisory circuits, frequency generators, watchdog timers
Highly Electric Co., Inc. Em construção.
Hill Engineering
Hirose Electric
Hitachi America Ltd    4-, 8-, 16-Bit Microcomputer, 32-Bit Microprocessor, AD/DA Converter, AS Memory, CMOS Gate Array, CMOS Standard Logic IC, Colour Display Tubes, Colour Picture Tubes, Digital Signal Processor, Discrete Component, Display Controller/Driver, Dynamic RAM Module, Dynamic RAM, EPROM, Infrared Diode, Laser Diode, Linear IC, Liquid Crystal Display, Mask ROM, Microprocessor Peripheral, Module, Photo Diode, Smart Card IC, Speech IC, Static RAM, Telecom IC, Transistor
Hittite Microwave
Hobart Electronics
Hoffman Engineering Apenas lista de produtos.
Honeywell Sensing & Control ( Micro Switch)
Honeywell Solid State Electronics
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Huber+Suhner Não tem catalogo.
Hunter Technology Corp.
Hutson Industries Apenas lista de produtos.
HV Component Associates
Hybrids International Ltd. Apenas lista de produtos.
HyComp Apenas lista de produtos.
Hypertronics Apenas lista de produtos.
Hy-Q International
Hyundai Electronics America
Hyundai Electronics of Korea
Hyundai Semiconductors

E F G H I     Top

IBM Microelectronics Inc. General
IBM Microelectronics Inc. Chips
IBM Microelectronics Inc. Data sheets
I-Cube    Advanced Switching Solutions in Silicon
IC WORKS   The company is one of the world leaders in Frequency Timing Generator (Clock) integrated circuits.
IC-Haus GmbH    IC-VX - Line Driver, 3-Channel, Differential
ICT Inc.    Programmable Logic Devices, 3 volt and 5 volt, Simple PLD's and 5 volt Complex PLD's.Cool Low Voltage (3 volt) with 2.7 to 3.6 volt operating range and utilizing schmitt triggers on input pins.
IDT Integrated Device Technology  was founded in 1980 to manufacture fast CMOS static memories. It pioneered the early development of the high-performance CMOS manufacturing process and continues to lead in high-volume manufacturing of very fast CMOS devices. SRAM's, RISC MIPS MPU's, Multiport and FIFO memories and modules, Logic and Interface, Network Communications Devices
ILSI America
IMP, Inc.International Microelectronic Products designs, manufactures and markets standard-setting analog integrated circuits and specialty analog wafer foundry processes for data communications and power management applications in computer, communications and control systems.
Impala Linear    RF and power management products for the portable and wireless markets. For example: PLLs, VCOs, power supply reset monitors, DC/DC converters, switching regulators.
Indek Corporation
Inductive Systems Europe Apenas lista de produtos.
Industrial Electronic Engineers (IEE)
Infinite Technology Corp. (ITC)
Information Storage Devices (ISD)
Infotecnico es "el más completo directorio técnico de la red": Aquí encontrará toda la información interesante publicada en la para su profesión, tales como: Diseño y Tecnología, Informática, Mecánica, Electricidad, Electrónica, Química,Tratamiento de Aguas, Control de Calidad, Minería y Energía, Alumbrado, Construcción, Agricultura y Ganadería, Materiales, etc...
Inmet Corp.
Innovision Labs, Inc.    Innovision Labs has developed a family of television interface ICs for information/Internet appliances, Internet TVs, PCTVs, desktop video editing and other emerging video convergence market applications. The Company's initial products include NTSC/PAL video encoders ideally suited for high quality Text-On-TV (TM) requirements.
Inradtek Corp.
INSTEC Filters
Integrated Circuit Systems Inc.    Multimedia Products, Video and High Performance Video Timing Generator Products, Motherboard Timing Generator Products, Power Management Products, Communications IC's, GENDAC Products
Integrated Device Technology (IDT)
Integrated Microwave
Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (ISSI)
Integrated Silicon Systems (ISS)
Integrated Telecom Technology (IGT)
Intel Corporation
Intel España
Intelligent Micro, Inc.
Interconnect Devices, Inc. (IDI)
InterFET Não tem catalogo.
InterMetall    Development, Production and Marketing of integrated circuits, digital signal processors, microcontrollers, and Hall sensors mainly for applications in multimedia, consumer, automotive and industrial electronics as well as in the communication field.
International Electronic Research Corp. (IERC)
International Electrotechnical Co., Ltd (IEC)
International Meta Systems, Inc. (IMS)
International Microcircuits, Inc. (IMI)
International Rectifier    HEXFET Power MOSFET*s, Power IC*s, Microelectronic Relays, Power Interface Products, IGTBs, Schottky Diodes, HEXFRED, (Ultra) Fast Rectifiers, Standard Recovery Rectifiers, Inverter SCRs, Phase Control SCRs, Bridges, Power Modules
International Resistive Co. (IRC)
International Semiconductor, Inc. Apenas lista de produtos.
Intronics, Inc.
Intronic Semiconductor
IPC Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
IQD Limited
Irvine Sensors Corp. Apenas lista de produtos.
ITT Cannon
ITT    Consumer Audio, Video and Text ICs, Automotive Products, Controller and Multimedia Video/Audio/Text ICs as well as discrete transistors and diodes.
ITW Paktron
Ixys Corporation    Fast Recovery Diode (FRED), IGBT, Motion Control, Motor control and military/aerospace application, Power Interface IC, Power Mosfet, Power conversion, Standard and Intelligent Power Module, Thyristor

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